Many people inquire about our store design and furnishings. In 2003, our original store was completely remodeled and doubled in size. An outdoor café area was added with green glazed wrought-iron seating and a garden of seasonal topiaries and boxwood planters. The furniture and interior, designed by Mark Kramer has stylish and inviting touches that are reminiscent of a 19th-century garden. A copper gilded tin ceiling sets the tone for the many copper accents that are used throughout the room. The 19th-century style English pine furniture was designed by Mr. Kramer and built by master craftsman, Dave Johnson in Florida. Honed white carrera marble was used on all the counter surfaces, tabletops and window sills. Sponge painted walls with copper and terra cotta tones were lovingly rendered by artist Leslie Charry. In the guest bathroom are walls covered with the William Morris "Pomegranate" paper reproduced in London by Sanderson, an American Federal period flame-mahogany ogee mirror, and a Victorian wash-stand with green glazed pomegranate tiles. An antique copper bowl, hanging in the main room, is a cherished possession of Mr. Kramer to whom it was given by his sister Susan, the founder and inspiration of Susan Lawrence. That bowl presides over our store as a reminder and symbol of Susan's kindness, generosity and integrity.

Susan Lawrence