Frequently Asked Questions
  • Catering
    • How do I begin the process of planning a party?
      Simply fill out the Catering Request Form located on the web site, or call us for an initial phone consultation to discuss the event details. We can then make recommendations for a menu, staffing, rentals, logistics, etc. Soon after our conversation, you will receive a complete menu and event proposal with detailed information about suggested services and their costs.
    • Do you cater weddings?
      Some of our most beautiful events have been weddings in private homes, historic mansions and gardens. We provide a comprehensive wedding planning service in which you are guided through every step and each important detail.
    • How much will a fully catered party cost?
      About $150.00 per person is average for a fully staffed dinner party. This includes a full menu of hors d¹oeuvres, a buffet or plated dinner and dessert. Also included in this estimate are all rentals (tables, chairs, china, glassware, linen, serving pieces, etc.), a full staff of waiters, chefs and bartenders, tax and gratuities.
    • Do you cater parties in Manhattan, New Jersey or Connecticut?
      Yes! We have a very prominent presence in Manhattan and throughout the tri-state area.
    • Do you provide serving staff & rentals?
      We have a remarkable staff of waiters, chefs and bartenders who are trained and reserved exclusively for the clients of Susan Lawrence. Our extensive resources for rental equipment and specialty decorative elements makes us one of the region's most sought after event designers.
  • Cooking Classes
    • Do you offer cooking classes?
      Yes! Our partnership with Chappaqua Continuing Education allows us to bring the community a series of well-received cooking classes/lecture demonstrations. Check the Cooking Classes page on the web site for descriptions and availability.
  • The Store
    • How do I place an order in your retail shop?
      Selected menu items may be available for ordering online. Otherwise, please call our retail store and an associate will be glad to take your order and answer questions about our food and availability. If you think you will need a serving staff and rentals, please fill out the Catering Request Form, or call our catering office.
    • Is your food made on the premises?
      Yes! Using the finest ingredients, our chefs create all our food right here in our Chappaqua kitchen. All breads and pastries are baked in the early morning and often arrive to our parties still warm. Using the very best chocolate, fresh cream and butter, our pastry chefs create a repertoire of cakes that are among America¹s finest.
    • Can my food order be delivered?
      Yes. A retail associate can arrange for delivery anywhere in the tri-state area.
    • Do you have any other locations?
      Although we only have one location in Chappaqua, for the convenience of our many New York City clients we have a contact number in Manhattan. 212.509.8833
    • Is there a Susan Lawrence?
      As a family team, Mark and his sister Susan had a rare and wonderful partnership. Working side by side for over 20 years, they thoroughly enjoyed sharing their passion for food and entertaining, and together built a truly remarkable food company. Susan¹s untimely death in 2002 left behind a legacy of devoted employees and customers who continue to enjoy the incredible growth and unique atmosphere of Susan Lawrence.
  • The Web Site
    • I forgot my password. How can I login?
      If you have forgotten your password, please go go the login page and click on the "Forgot Password?" link. You will be asked to answer your Security Question. Your password will then be reset, and the new password will be emailed to you.
    • I was unable to reset my password. Can you reset my password for me?
      Yes. If you need assistance in resetting your password, please call us at 914.238.8833 and we will be able to reset it for you.
    • How do I change my contact information?
      Once you have logged in, click on the "Your Account" link. Click on the "Profile" tab to view and edit your contact information. You can also optionally change your password here.
    • Can you notify me about new menus and services?
      Yes! We will periodically send out a newsletter notifiying you about updated menus and services. Please join our mailing list or register an account to receieve the newsletter.
  • Online Ordering
    • What can I order via the web site?
      Selected Menu items are available for ordering online and must be picked up at Susan Lawrence. Items that are available will have a Shopping Cart icon next to their name in the Menus.
    • How do I place an order?
      You can add items to your shopping cart by clicking on the Shopping Cart icon and specifiying a quantity. To check out, you must either login or register an Online Account with us. You will then be asked to select a pickup date to pickup your order at Susan Lawrence. Items on special Menus such as Holiday Menus may have a set pickup date which cannot be changed.
    • Can my order be delivered?
      At this time, all online Menu Item orders must be picked up at Susan Lawrence. Items in our Mail Order section will be available for shipping.
    • How do I change or cancel my order?
      At this time orders cannot be changed or cancelled online once the are submitted. If you need to change or cancel your order, please call us at 914.238.8833.
    • Do I enter my billing information on the web site?
      No. At this time you will pay for your order when you pick it up at Susan Lawrence.